Canadian slang: Week One カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Canadian slang: Week One

Hello everyone. Clement here.


Canada is home to many people from many different cultures. Many people who come to Vancouver, even people who are born here, do not realize that some of the words we use every day are only used in Canada. Vancouver, due to its multiculturalism and diversity, uses much more standard English than Canadian words. There are words that are used in other parts of Canada that even people from Vancouver do not always understand. Today, let’s look at some more common Canadian slang words that all Canadians know!


  1. Double-Double


This phrase is no doubt one of the most well known phrases in the Canadian vocabulary. Originally introduced by the Tim Hortons doughnut and coffee shop, this term means two creams and two sugars added to a coffee. A good word to know for those who like sweeter coffee!


  1. Tuque


This French-Canadian word refers to a woollen hat one may wear when it’s cold outside. Terms in other countries include beany, ski cap, or winter cap.


  1. Tim’s / Timmy’s


This is the shortened form of Tim Hortons, Canada’s own doughnut and coffee shop. Much easier to say, and more commonly heard than the full name, but both are used.


Try these words out and see who else knows these words! Next will come words that may be a little less well known!