The One Restaurant、台湾料理の店 カナダ語学留学10年の実績


The One Restaurant、台湾料理の店

Hi everyone. It’s Clement from Westcoast.


We have talked about Taiwanese food before, with a focus on bubble Tea at the Sunflower Cafe.

However, today I will be recommending another restaurant that is more in line with a regular restaurant than a bubble tea shop with food.



The One, located near Metrotown, is a great place to go when you want to have great food with friends in a warm, relaxed but comfortably noisy atmosphere. Taiwanese food is known for various types of meat and vegetable filled noodle and rice dishes, most famously beef noodles, a dish with thick rice noodles in a hot broth with beef flank, tendan or a combination of the two, along with cabbage and other vegetables. Bean thread, a thinner noodle, is also an optin for the same set of dishes. Other popular dishes include the Taiwanese style salt and pepper fried chicken with noodles or rice, the green onion pancake, and Taiwanese Three Spice Chicken with rice, or the same spices with tofu instead of chicken. And of course, bubble tea is available, with a huge choice of variety for anyone. Furthermore, there are a variety of regular teas available, as well as shaved ice and many other desserts for anyone who fancies something sweet after a full meal.

メトロタウンの近くにあるThe One Restaurantは、留学生同士などで、暖かくて心地よいリラックスできる雰囲気で食事をしたいときにおすすめのレストランです。麺類やご飯ものなど、肉や野菜がたくさん入っていておすすめです。もちろんこのお店でもバブルティーも楽しめますよ。ほかにもいろいろなお茶や台湾風かき氷などのデザートも食べることができます。


With a large menu and something for everyone, this restaurant is definitely one to try if you have never experienced Taiwanese cuisine before or just want to try somewhere new and inexpensive!