Celebration of Light 2017 – Fireworks Festival カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Celebration of Light 2017 – Fireworks Festival

Hi everyone, this is Clement.


Summer is here, and it’s time for the biggest summer event in Vancouver, the Celebration of Light fireworks event.

Every year, three countries from around the world come together to put on a show of fireworks and music just off English Bay, and this year will be no different. Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada will all be performing this year, and as it is Canada’s 150th year celebration, each country will be required to include a famous Canadian song in their performance. The event will happen over three days and will be viewable not only from English Bay but also Kitsilano Beach and various restaurants and other venues. The times and performing countries are as follows:

Saturday, July 29th, 10 PM – Japan

Wednesday, August 2nd, 10 PM – United Kingdom

Saturday, August 5th, 10 PM – Canada


All shows will run for approximately half an hour, even if it rains. For more information, visit the event’s home page:



Come enjoy the biggest live annual event in Vancouver beginning this week!