Education and Career Fair カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Education and Career Fair

Hello everyone. Clement from Westcoast here.


Everyone has their reasons for studying in a different country. It may be for cultural exchange reasons, simply for interest, to get a sense of what the world is like, or in some cases, to find a new career after high school or university. Fortunately, there is a chance for anyone interested in possible working opportunities to explore and learn all about entering the working world in Vancouver. It is the biggest fair of its kind in British Columbia, and will include experts from many different fields and areas. Visitors will learn job-seeking skills such as resume writing, how to submit a good job application, and thoughts about various careers and their opportunities.

誰でも、海外で勉強するには理由があります。文化交流かもしれないし、シンプルに興味があったからかもしれないし、ワールドワイドの世界観を持つためかもしれないし、もしかしたら、高校や大学をでたあとの新しいキャリアを見つけるためかもしれませんね。幸運なことに、バンクーバーで仕事をしてみたい人たちのために、バンクーバーでの仕事に関することを学んだり探したりするチャンスがあります!このフェアはBC州最大のキャリア関連のイベントで、たくさんの分野から専門家やエキスパートが集まります。参加者は就職活動のスキル、たとえば履歴書(Resume) の書き方、良いアプリケーションの出し方などを学んだり、様々な仕事についての考えやチャンスを知ったりできます。


The event will take place in Vancouver on December 9th, and tickets are available online. The website, in addition to ticket booking, has information about the event in other cities. Attend this event and you never will know what opportunities you may find and how it will your impact your time in Canada!