International Students Clubs カナダ語学留学10年の実績


International Students Clubs

Hello everyone. Clement from Westcoast here.

English conversation clubs are a great way to apply what you learn in class. As good as studying is, nothing builds communication and speaking skills like practice. But practicing only with native speakers can be very challenging and intimidating. One of the best environments to practice is a place where international students and native students can mix, talk with each other, and enjoy activities as a group while practicing English together.

The international students Club is an example of this type of conversation group. Every Monday night, the club gathers at Broadway Church from 5:30 to 8:30, PM, and enjoys dinner, English conversation practice, some singalong time together and some more discussion about life and beliefs. For $3.00, students can enjoy meals prepared by the club’s own cooking team, and food from all around the world. Some favourites have included okonomiyaki, bulgogi, Chinese style fried rice, Indian curry, and much more! Our conversation club topics include many different ones such as idioms, cheap restaurants in Vancouver, popular tourist destinations and places, some Canadian culture and history, useful Canadian slang and vocabulary, and various others as well. Our second discussion time in the last 45 minutes of the program includes life discussion topics such as the purpose of life, how to deal with stress, and how each of us understands and shows our love for others. After all the discussions students are free to go, but we also spend some time in the gym nextdoor and enjoy some exercise and friendly competition through various sports like volleyball, badminton, basketball and occasionally indoor soccer! During summer season, we also go on various outings including hikes and river rafting.

Regular practice of English is the best way to improve it at a consistent and steady rate. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to practice English and make long lasting friendships in the process! Many students who go back to their home country remember the club as one of their best memories in Canada, and for those who come regularly, they form friendships that last long after everyone has left Canada. If you have the chance, come check out this event every Monday night, and if you don’t please check out our faebook page!