Jang Mo Jib カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Jang Mo Jib

Hello everyone. Clement from Westcoast here!!

みなさんこんにちは。ウェストコーストのClement です!!


Korean food is probably one of the most popular types of cuisine among young people in Vancouver. Flavorful and healthy, many people enjoy the various types of meat, rice, noodles, and most famous of all, Korean BBQ!



Jang mo jib, with various locations in Vancouver, is one of the most popular restaurants to visit. I had a chance to visit their downtown location with some of our students from Westcoast, and it was a great time! Quick service, and the chance to sample a few different types of dishes at a reasonable price, it was a fine way to spend our evening!

チャン・モ・チ(Jang Mo Jib)はバンクーバーに何か所かあるレストランですが、もっとも人気のある韓国レストランのひとつです。私は先日バンクーバー留学中の学生さん数人とダウンタウンにあるお店に行って、楽しい時間を過ごしました!対応が速く、お手頃価格で何種類かの料理をいただくことができ、夜を過ごすのに最適な場所です!


The sundubu (soft tofu stew) was my meal of choice for the evening. Served in a stone bowl with plenty of tofu, vegetables, all with a rich broth made from Korean soybean paste, it was a wonderful, hot dish to warm up a rainy evening. We also had the chance to share some pan-fried gyoza, which were fried very nicely and contained more than enough meet to please!



With everything being of great quality and reasonably priced, this is surely one of the restaurants to try if you are looking for quality Korean food!





(訳: Tomo)