PNEでベーコン・フェスティバル カナダ語学留学10年の実績



Hi everyone. Clement here with another upcoming event!


I love bacon. So do many people in Vancouver. Not only is it part of a traditional Western breakfast, it also goes well with just about any food! People put it in sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, and some people will even put it in salads!

This year, Vancouver is celebrating the love for bacon with the first Bacon Festival. The festival, called the Bacon Convention, will be held at the PNE forum on September 24th and 25th. It will feature venders from many breweries, restaurants, bakeries, and others, offering unique creations all featuring bacon. There will be games and entertainment as well as a bacon eating contest also. Anyone who loves meat will surely love this event… as will anyone who enjoys trying food with unusual twists!