Seattle Daytrip カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Seattle Daytrip

Hello everyone! It’s Clement.
Recently, I had the privaledge of going to Seattle, Washington on a daytrip. Many Canadians living in Vancouver love to travel to the US by car, either on weekends or just for daytrips. Shopping is a very common reason, as well as food, sightseeing, and much more.
I had the chance to travel with three friends to Seattle, and it was an amazing time. We stopped at the Pike Place public market to look at some of the various shops selling everything from tea to honey to chocolate, ending with lunch at a small diner famous for clam chowder, and it was certainly some of the best clam chowder I have ever had!
We next went on the underground tour of old Seattle, which burned down almost completely due to a fire in 1889, and the current city of Seattle was actually built on top of the original. It was an amazing experience travelling underground and learning about the history of the city!
After the underground tour, we went to the Starbucks Reserve, where the coffee from all the Starbucks we go to comes from. There, we were served coffee according to our choice of brewing style, as well as the type of coffee we wanted. I decided to try a siphoned coffee using three different types of beans in a blend; American, Colombian and African coffees. The result was a strong but delicious brew that will please any coffee fan.
For dinner we went to the Crabbe Pot where we enjoyed various types of seafood, from crabbe to salmon, as well as shrimp, clams and others. But the most interesting thing is that this food was not served on a plate, but directly on to a sheet of paper covering the table! Furthermore, food is not eaten with forks, knives or spoons, instead eaten with the hands. It was a delicious dinner and very filling, but most definitely an expensive one!
We finished off our trip by going to the space needle to get a view of the city from the top of this skyscraper. It was also an amazing experience and a great way to end the day. If you have the chance to take a daytrip and have money to spare, I would highly recommend going to Seattle to see everything it has to offer!