Cultural Differences of Canada and Japan カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Cultural Differences of Canada and Japan

Hello everyone! This is Clement.

When going to a foreign country, it’s important to learn about certain cultural differences to prevent miscommunications and communication problems. Some of these are based on language, and some of these are based on culture. Whichever it may be, there are some key differences in the way Canadians and Japanese peopletalk, and for best communication and conections, it’s best for everyone involved to understand both sides. Below are just some of the major differences in the way Canadian and Japanese people interact with each other.
1. Canadians are much more honest about their thoughts. While we are polite and respectful when expressing what we think, we make it a priority to be honest. Criticism is ok in Canada, as long as it is constructive and helps to improve something. As a result, even when we are being honest about something we do not like, we try to be as polite as we can.
2. Canada has a vastly different culture from Japan. While this is not strictly related to communication, it is an interesting fact to note that while Japanese people enjoy canned and bottled coffee from convenience stores and vending machines, most Canadians prefer fresh coffee from the tons of coffee shops that are easily found everywhere. Most Canadians have at least two coffee makers in their house, for different brewing styles which gives the coffee different taste! We sure love our coffee here!

3. Last but not least, one of the most confusing things linked to linguistics is the way Japanese and Canadians answer negative questions. For example…
“Have you eaten yet?”
Japanese answer: Yes.
Canadian Answer: :No.”

Both of these answers mean the same thing, but Canadians answer negative questions with a negative, whereas Japanese speakers will answer a negative question with an affirmative answer.
All of these are just some of the many differences there are between Japanese and Canadian people in the way they communicate and enjoy life. However, don’t let these scare you, as these are very interesting differences to learn about, and Canadians aren’t offended easily by little misunderstandings of culture or practice, especially in Vancouver! Have fun, and use these tips to make many new Canadian friends and improve your communication skills!




みなさん、こんにちは。ウェストコーストのClement です。
⦁    カナダ人は自分の考えにもっと正直です。私たち(カナダ人)は、自分の意見を表現するとき、丁寧で相手を敬いますが、正直であることをそれよりも大事にします。前向きでかつ何かを改善するのに役立つかぎり、クリティシズム(相手に対して評価したり批判的な見方をすること)は、カナダでは良しとされています。実際、自分たちが好きでないものについて正直に言おうとするときでさえ、私たちはできる限り丁寧な態度を心がけます。
⦁    カナダには、日本とはまったく違う文化があります。これはコミュニケーションには直接は関係ないですが、日本人がコンビニや自動販売機の缶コーヒーやボトルの飲み物を好むのにたいして、多くのカナダ人は、簡単に見つけられるカフェで買ういれたてのコーヒーを好むというのは、面白い事実です。多くのカナダ人は、家に、違った入れ方のコーヒーを味わうために、少なくとも2台のコーヒーメイカーを持っています。私たちはここ(カナダ)のコーヒーが大好きなのは間違いありません。
⦁    最後に、しかしこれは一番小さいことではないですが、言葉に関した一番ややこしいことのひとつが、非定の疑問文に答えるときの答え方です。たとえば…