Vancouver Greek Food Festival カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Vancouver Greek Food Festival

Hello everyone. clement from Westcoast here.

Festivals representing cultures from all over the world are a common thing here in Vancouver. From the Powell Street Festival representing our Japanese-Canadian community to the Festival du Bois representing the French-Canadian roots in British columbia, it’s all here. And in the fall, for two weekends in September, the 39th anual Vancouver greek Food Festival will also be here!
Greek food is a somewhat less common cuisine in Vancouver than the Chinese and Japanese foods that are well known. Nevertheless, it is still very popular and many people enjoy a good dinner at a Greek restaurant. This year, the 39th anual Vancouver Greek food Festival will give people living in Vancouver a chance to enjoy live entertainment, activities, and a range of authentic Greek cuisine that will satisfy people who are already familiar with it, and give people who have never tried it a new and wonderful experience!
The festival will be held at the Hellenic Community Center, located at 4500 Arbutus street, from September 9-11, and then again from September 16-18. Admission will be free, and foods available to be sampled include souvlakia, Greek salads, spinach and cheese pies, and even a full lamb dinner! Check out this event, as it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience!