Canadian Desserts カナダ語学留学10年の実績


Canadian Desserts

Hello everyone! Clement from Westcoast here.

Canada is an incredibly multicultural country, and one of the most clear examples is in our food culture. But although we have many desserts from around the world, we have some that are original to Canada and our own mix of English and French cultures! Here are just a few. I would love you, international students, to try some of them in Canada!


Maple Sugar Pie / Butter Tart
These are included under the same heading because of their similar base. Both are made of brown sugar and butter in a pie shell and served with vanilla icecream or fresh whipped cream. Maple sugar pie adds in a general portion of maple syrup, showing its French-Canadian origins. A sweet but delicious dessert when served warm or at room temperature with icecream!


Nanaimo Bar
One of the most wel known Canadian desserts, originating in the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia. This non-baked dessert consists of icing, crummed coconut, and chocolate. However, traditional vanilla icing is not the only type used, as many variations exist including mocha, cherry and many more! This dessert is sweet enough to make your teeth itch, but goes great with coffee or tea after a meal.


Beaver Tails
The beaver is Canada’s national animal. It has also inspired one of Eastern Canada’s popular desserts. Known as beaver tails or elephant ears, these are very similar to doughnuts in substance, but differently shaped. With dough that is rolled flat and sprinkled with cinemon and sugar, this hot and flavourful dessert is sure to make anyone happy!


These are just some of the many Canadian desserts that add to our already amazing culonary culture! Try them out whenever you get the chance!