Suika(スイカ) カナダ語学留学10年の実績



Hello everyone! Clement here.
Japanese food is some of the most popular types of cuisine in Vancouver, and it is always easy to find a good place, whether you’re in the mood for sushi, udon, or anything more traditional. But it isn’t always easy to find a Japanese restaurant owned by Japanese people and serving a mixture of traditional and modernn Japanese food. Suika, part of the Kingyo group of Izakaya style restaurants, is one of those places.
Located at West Broadway and Granville St., Suika is a restaurant that is almost always crowded, whether you are there for lunch or dinner. Food includes many popular staples such as karaage, ramen and various types of Sashimi. However, that is just the beginning. Going there for lunch as I did yesterday, the menu becomes a lot more dynamic with different types of curry as well as many set dishes. We started off our experience with a delicious salad, and added on some takowasabi, miso ramen, and hamburg in tomato sauce. Rounding off the lunch was one of the trademarks of this restaurant, the dynamic steak, coming in at an amazing 1 KG that came with Wasabi to make a very interesting combination of tastes not so comon in Canada! With so much good food, a great atmosphere and fast service, Suika is surely a place to go when you want to experience an authentic mix of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine!