英語学習 The Essay Formula

Hello everyone! Clement here.

Many people are asked to write essays in school. Short or long, essays can be challenging for everybody, even some native Canadians!

Essays are not just summaries of information learned in class. Essays often take a topic or idea and expand on it. With many types of essays, learning to write them can be confusing and difficult. Let’s look at a basic format that will serve as a good starting point for writing essays at any level.

■Introduction: One paragraph which will introduce the main topic. This paragraph contains the thesis statement, which is a summary of everything discussed in your essay. The thesis statement may also appear in the conclusion.

■ –body paragraphs: The main part of your essay that talks about your topic in more details using supporting ideas and points. Can be any number, but three is the most basic.

■– Conclusion: The end of your essay which summarizes everything you have written about. This paragraph may also sometimes include a repeat of your thesis statement or main point.
With this basic formula, you can gain a good start on writing essays whether it is for an ESL program, or a regular college or university course. You can also modify and expand as much as you want. Try it and find out how it works for you!

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